Happy October 1st! We’re embarking on the last 90 days of the year! Rachel Hollis turned me onto this concept of positive focus on the last 90 days this time last year. I had always been super pumped about the beginning of the year. I love making goals for the new year. It never occurred to me to put focused energy into the last months of the year. Duh!

Starting around mid October, as we get towards Halloween, my candy consumption increases and lasts into November when Thanksgiving prep begins. Always more eating and drinking and less moving. And then the snowball gains momentum into Christmas with the pumpkin pies and cakes and champagne. Then there’s the stress of shopping and making my kids’ dreams come true and Santa pics and teacher gifts and so many family events. Almost every year in the last decade I’ve ended the year in a crumpled mess coming down with flu-like symptoms!

This is ridiculous. What if we could not be so stressed? What if we didn’t over eat and drink and over obligate ourselves at the end of the year and finished strong and ready for 2021?

Last year I did a little better. I had read Rachel Hollis’ blog about finishing the year strong and the idea resonated with me. At the end of last year I taught some workshops in Korea so my normal holiday routine was disrupted. When I returned I was so happy to be with my family and we simplified our holiday events. I didn’t get sick and rang in the new year with great friends relaxing in Northern California.

2020 has been rough for many obvious reasons but we still have three months! I still have goals and things I want to accomplish fitness-wise, business-wise, family and house projects-wise to finish 2020 strong.

#1. Do my best to sty healthy and Covid-free. If this doesn’t happen all bets are off for the rest.

#2. I made a goal a few weeks ago to do three solid Pilates workouts a week. This is in addition to my bike riding to and from the studio and my demonstrating in class. Three workouts, preferably 2 with a teacher. I’ve mostly, not 100% but mostly been doing it and it’s working. I feel stronger and more powerful.

#3. Continue to grow my business, get new clients all the time and retain the rockstar clients I have.

#4. Wrap up al the home projects on my list I had on my quarantine list. I’ve been ticking them off the list and it feels deeply satisfying. Cleaned out the shed and kids’ room again, my closet, all the papers, done. The last thing is the kid art for last school year.

#5. Find the joy and gratitude in something every single day.

How will you finish this freaking crazy year strong? What are some tangible things you can tick off your list that will bring you into 2021 feeling ahead of the game?