Here we go, September – the last months of 2020.

Can we be done yet?

With over 180,000 people dead in this country in six months, election season as brutal as ever – things seem bleak.

I can complain all day about how much homeschooling blows and how I’m really struggling to keep my kids on track. I can complain about not being able to work as much a I need to because the kids are home. Struggling to stay on top of my bills including studio rent. And I can complain about way too much togetherness time in 700 square feet. At the same time feeling isolated, not being able to see friends and family.

There’s a lot to hate about 2020.

But why dwell on all that when there’s almost as many good things? My whole family and I have stayed healthy and I count myself really lucky when I have a lovely home, plenty of food (too much) and I’m fortunate to be able to work virtually. 

Sheltering in place has brought so much time at home, which I love. It’s brought virtual happy hours with old friends, relearning French on Rosetta Stone, launching a virtual business in a week, the premiere of Hamilton on Disney+. Zoom everything – Jiujitsu and ballet class, gymnastics, yoga, so many meetings, even swimming! It’s also brought on many honest conversations about race, equality and justice.

I keep telling myself “Just get through the rest of the year. Make it to 2021. Things will get better.’ But that’s wrong. I don’t want to just ‘get through’ this year. We’ve had some extraordinary times and I will cherish them. In our family we lost three front teeth. We crushed Kindergarden and 2nd grade. Started up 1st and 3rd. We endured several bad home haircuts and had three Zoom bdays. My kids also marched in their first protests on Juneteenth.

I can make the last four months of the year extraordinary too. It’s all possible, as long as we can stay healthy. What if life and the world never goes back to “normal”? I hope some things never do.

The kids first protest on Juneteenth in Venice.

I don’t want to throw away the rest of the year hoping for things to get back to how they used to be. Pre-Covid I would drop the kids off at school and not see them from 8am to 5pm. I’d go into my Pilates studio five or six days a week. Now I see my kids the whole live long day and only teach two days a week, all online. My life is so different from six months ago and I like it. I’ve wanted to have a virtual component to my business for years and now I have it. Thanks, Covid-19!

All the cliche silver linings – More time with my kids? Yep. I do love cozy mornings with the family. Cleaning and organizing the house and garage? Did all that. Cooking tons? Hello NY Times Food section! 

Since March I’ve pressed pause on my life. I’ve had more time to process thought and ideas. There’s no pressure to go anywhere, ever. An introvert’s dream!

I know a lot sucks right now but let’s finish the year strong! What are your silver linings? Has this period been an opportunity to do something different with your life? I’d love to hear!

Shep’s 8th birthday Zoom