I’ve joined the amazing skincare company, Rodan and Fields! At a holiday boutique last Christmas I tried some samples and took the plunge and ordered the whole Redefine line. At that time, I was 43 and feeling lackluster. I had a little two year old and still wasn’t sleeping. I was feeling tired and old and it showed in my skin.

Eek! Wrinkle city!

Within two weeks I felt a difference in the texture of my skin. In three to four my pores seemed smaller and those fine lines and wrinkles had faded a bit. I was hooked.

Much improved on Feb.14th about a month in!

Next I ordered Lash Boost because something happened to my lashes along the way. I don’t know if it was having kids or getting older or what but my lashes were almost nonexistent. Short, stubby and blond, even translucent. Bad combo. After using it for about 6 weeks I saw major results and now, a year in, I have long, luscious dark lashes again. Amazing.

Not much lash there!

six weeks in




Voila! With sporadic use over the last 8 months.



I was happy just being a customer but as fate would have it, I was hosting my own holiday boutique just last month to raise money for Shepard’s elementary school and I wanted Rodan and Fields skincare to be part of the offerings but my consultant wasn’t available that day. She suggested I sell it myself. I thought it over briefly and said okay, I’ll give it a try! I thought if I could make enough to cover the cost of my order – which is about 200-300 bucks every two months I’d be stoked.

The best part is getting my bestie to join my team so now Suzy and I work together! Love it. It’s been less than two months and I’ve already far surpassed my meager goal. I’ve made my initial investment back so it’s turned into a fun side job. I’m still passionate about Pilates and KonMari organizing but Rodan and Fields has given me the freedom I’ve craved for so long.

My family loves traveling and we take long trips when we can. We went to Eleuthera for a month a couple years ago, then drove up the California coast into Oregon for three weeks last summer and this summer spent a whole month in Indonesia. I love traveling like that but all my jobs require me to physically be present to make money. All the times we take off for a month I have zero dinero coming in and it can be stressful.

I find it unbelievable and kind of funny that I’m selling skincare because of my introverted nature. I could go weeks without talking to anybody. I live with three other people and teach Pilates all day so that never happens but I could!

Selling this skincare has been shockingly easy for me though because I’m not selling! I love the products so much that I just share that enthusiasm and people are either in the market for skincare or not. I’m not offended or feel bad when someone says no because I know these products are the bomb. I just share as I would a new restaurant or great massage therapist and let the chips fall where they may.

Now that I’m a R&F consultant I’ve really taken my skincare to the next level. With the business kit you get all their products and tools. Now I can’t imagine not using the Micro-dermabrasion Paste or the AMP MD roller or Active Hydration Serum – oh and the Acute Care strips! You are going to be amazed at my guinea pig, Alan’s before and after pics!

Check out my Rodan and Fields website, https://mollyrenshaw.myrandf.com/Home.aspx