Happy New Year! We’re ending the second week of 2018 and I’m pumped. I have all kinds of goals and resolutions I’m ready to attack. How’s it going for you so far?

I remember being a kid calculating what age I’d be in the year 2000. Twenty seven years old – a lifetime away. What would I be doing? I’d obviously have five kids and a husband. I laid out my whole life and career in my 3rd grade Annie journal in 1982 – “When I’m young I’m going to be a dancer. Then I will stop and become a writer. I’ll write children’s books and do the illustrations myself.” Pretty cool life plan. And here we are at 2018.

I’ve always loved taking pen to paper and laying out a plan, setting goals and checking them off. It’s satisfying and an effective way to chart your progress. I love using my Passion Planner. As I’ve said before I wish I’d thought it up myself but it’s an amazing tools to organize your thoughts. If you don’t have one, just grab a blank sheet of paper and start writing. Don’t over think it!

1. Set a timer for 10 minutes and go to town. Make your plan and dream big! What does your ideal life look like? Where do you live, what’s your job, how do you spend your time?

2. Set doable goals. Step back and pick one or two things you could attack right away. Get super specific. You can’t just say, get fit, travel the world, find a new job, meet the man/woman of my dreams and expect results. Include the time and day you will hit the gym, write out your specific itinerary for exactly what you will do and see in Cambodia. Set up a coffee date with the person doing exactly what you want to be doing professionally and update your resume. Take new photos of yourself for your online dating profile. Get specific about what you want and take action to get there.

3. Reread, revisit and update the plan and your weekly goals. Check things off your list. It feels good! Then make a new list. Be consistent and make progress.

What does your ideal life look like? Get really clear. See it, feel it, taste it. You can have whatever you want if you get specific about what that is and take focused. concrete steps to get there. We’re comin’ to get you, 2018!