I’m so freaking busy! That is so anti the Tarrylife manifesto! But I am! I have four jobs, three pets, two kids, one husband and 1000 things on my to-do list! What do you do when you are super busy and there’s no way to get around it? I have the answer…

Three things:

1. Passion Planner

2. Morning Pages

3. Wi Spa

Look, it’s the holiday season. There’s shopping to do, cards to address, parties to throw and attend and so much eating and drinking. I feel like there are not enough hours in the day.

I teach my lovely Pilates clients three to four days a week. I have a new organizing business that I love and I see a couple clients a week. I write this blog and maintain tarrylife.com. And in my downtime I’ve just joined Rodan and Fields and am selling these amazing skincare products! For the last few weeks I’ve hit the ground running in the a.m. and dropped into bed after doing EVERYTHING in the p.m. I have no extra minutes for tarrying!

Or do I? Here’s how…

#1 – Get a Passion Planner for proper time management. I don’t work for this company but man, I wish I thought of it first. I love this thing so much – total game changer for me. It’s an old school paper planner and that’s what I love about it.

Many people are more creative with an actual pen in their hands. You can sit down look at your schedule, put in all you appointments and see where you have bits of time at a glance and there’s inspirational quotes and room to dream about your ideal life. You just don’t get the same thing from an online calendar.


#2 – Morning Pages. Sneak in just a little self care it totally changes the tone of your day. When the alarm goes off, I get up, press the coffee button, wash my face, put in my contacts and sit down to do my morning pages. If you don’t know what that is check out The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron from the 90’s.

I’ve had this practice going for twenty years! You just blurt out anything on your mind onto the page for three pages. Just write, write, write. Don’t judge, don’t edit- just get it down on the page. I’ve come to rely on this practice. It is amazing. When I’m finished I feel clear and focused, ready for the day. The days I do press snooze a couple times and have to dive into childcare and the racing that goes with it– I feel uncentered, out of focus, off.

#3 – Wi Spa! Writing this is reminding me to schedule a little something for working so hard. One thing I love to do is sneak off to the Korean spa. I always come out feeling like a new woman. It’s the best. The one I go to is called Wi Spa here in Los Angeles in K-town. It’s very affordable even if you schedule a service. Once they knock you around a little bit and you’ve made your way through all the different saunas, steams and pools you feel reborn. I just love it and think I will schedule an appointment right now!

Look how shiny we are! Even Alan likes it at Wi;)

Time management, getting all the crap out of your brain and a little pampering. Works every time. Do it. Make just a little time for yourself. You deserve it!