What is Tarrylife?

The question I’ve gotten the most since starting this site is, “What does Tarrylife mean, anyway?”

Tarrylife is a way of life!

The word tarry means to stay or linger in the moment. Tarry can also have a negative connotation of laziness – to procrastinate, to be tardy or delay but I say, “So what? Tarry more!” You heard me. Slow down and tarry more.

Do it. Linger in your beautiful life.

People are so proud of themselves (especially in the U.S.) if they run themselves ragged and are consumed with busy, busy, busyness. Screw that! Tarrylife means to live with intention. Do the things YOU want to do. What are you accomplishing by filling every moment of every day with more, more, more? What’s the point of all this chaos and stuff? Does it serve you?

We have such a short time on earth. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a physically fit body, eat food that deeply satisfies you, be present with the people you love and have a tidy home that feels like a sanctuary? I think so!

The services offered at Tarrylife will set you on your way to this dream lifestyle. I am a Pilates teacher, a professional organizer and a Rodan and Fields consultant. Tarrylife Tidy uses the KonMari Method. In a series of tidying sessions we will go through all the categories in your home to create your ideal living space. What if you lived among only the things that made you feel happy? Just think how relaxing and joyful that would be.

Pilates is the method to get a balanced, healthy body. I also bike and walk and dance but Pilates keeps my body healthy and injury free. It just works. Period.

If you live in or are visiting Los Angeles, come on in to the studio in Santa Monica for a session. Contact me for availibility at molly@tarrylife.com. Not near me? No problem! Join this great Pilates website, Pilatesology and choose from hundreds of workouts with me and other awesome classical teachers. You won’t regret it!

And don’t forget to subscribe to the Tarrylife Youtube channel for free workouts, folding tutorials the KonMari way and so much more!

Tarrylife is a way of life of physical activity, living green, eating well, being present and making your home the sanctuary you deserve. Living the good life, whatever that means to you!

This is your life! Right now. You’re in it. Do the best you can with what you’ve got!