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I’m so excited to become a KonMari Consultant! I’ll be
offering my services at a discounted rate while I’m a consultant in training. Email me at molly@tarrylife.com to get on my list.

My Un-Tidy Start

I grew up in a big family, fourth out of five kids. We had dogs, we had cats (seventeen at our highest population!) We all had friends over. My grandmother and great aunt lived with us half the year. It was amazing. It was chaos.

My parents have many great qualities. They are generous and kind to all. They gave us a beautiful childhood. Tidy, they are not. I’d go so far as to say they are hoarders. Having so many people and animals around, our house was not only cluttered but also dirty despite having a live-in housekeeper.

I was never taught how to clean and organize as a child and this skill eluded me into adulthood. I always craved a clean, sparse space like a hotel room, but I could never quite get there. I’d do marathon organizing days but could never sustain it for more than a few days.

I bought many organizing books over the years and followed the advice given only to fall back into my old ways. I didn’t have high hopes for The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, but bought it right when it came out in 2014.

The book was controversial and there has been backlash against her, but for me, it changed my life. The KonMari Method was different and here’s why. You must discard every thing in your home that does not spark joy BEFORE organizing. Then you figure out where to put everything. Sounds so simple but for me it was revolutionary because all the other programs just showed crafty ways to store and organize the crap I had without discarding first.

I have never relapsed into my old ways. I’ll say that again. I have never relapsed into my old ways! What?

Our shower used to be stuffed with half used products, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, face soaps, loofahs on and on. Now we have one shampoo, one conditioner, one kind of soap. It makes my heart sing, like being in a hotel! Same with toothpastes and the collection of kid toothbrushes and pastes we used to have. I’d say “which one do you want to use tonight, Strawberry, Frozen or Ninja Turtles?” Screw that. One toothbrush per person. Period.

KonMari, Organize
KonMari, Tidy, Decluttering

Almost three years later my closet and drawers are still neat, tidy and sparse! My drawers look like a clothing store and there are spaces between the hangers in my closet. Me! I don’t live alone so I can’t make every decision about what stays and what goes but for the most part my home only contains our most treasured items. We are four people living in an 800 square foot house and it’s just fine.

I was talking to one of my best friends from high school who has a hard time keeping her small space uncluttered with three young children so I offered to help. That conversation launched the idea for my organizing business.

Reduce, reduce, reduce until you’re only surrounded by your favorite things. It will change your life.

I am a total Marie Kondo devotee and so excited about the method that I am in training to become a Certified KonMari Consultant!

I am currently working with some folks during my training period and I will announce when I’m fully certified and ready for business. Get in touch at molly@tarrylife.com to get on my list if you’re interested. I’d be thrilled to work with you to make your home the sanctuary you deserve. You hear that, Mom?