Slow Down! Welcome to Tarrylife!

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Welcome to Tarrylife! In this world of busy, busy, busy I am asking you to consider tarrying. What the heck does tarry mean?

To tarry means to press pause and stay a while, to linger in a moment of pleasure.

Tarrylife means to simplify, give back whenever you can and live a life you love. And if you don’t know what that is, slow down for a sec and take the time to discover it.

As a GenXer I’m acutely aware of my age. Not in an ‘I’m so old’ sort of way – more in a I’m-not-considered-young-anymore way. I know it’s all relative. When my dad, who will be 87 this year, lies about his age he says he’s 49, for him the ultimate mature yet youthful age when the world was his oyster- and I’m still 5 years from that! When you’re in your mid forties though, no one says “you’ve got your whole life ahead of you” anymore.

This is it! Right now!

If you have a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, you might not be exactly where you want but you’re doing fine. We have such a short time on this earth and an even shorter time of being young. Us GenXers are galloping towards midlife. We’re in it – probably halfway through – we may as well love our life!

We’re all just trying to survive. We have to keep our day jobs and clean the house and get the groceries and cook said groceries and pick up the kids and and and.

But do you have 10, 15 minutes? You better! See if you can tap into the feeling of being a kid again.

What did you love to do for hours when you were 8?

Give yourself permission to make a little space for fun and joy – whatever that means to you. I love having alone time to write, so I make sure I do that. And a cold glass of rose´ with my girlfriends isn’t bad either, so I make time for that too.

photo by Alan Renshaw

Our generation is so special. I love us! We’re going to be the last ones to remember living in a simpler time of land lines and paper letters and actual face to face conversations. I feel an urgency now to try to preserve that good stuff from our youth.

Tarrylife is about identifying and then making your life how you want it. I hope to show this through stories, my bookclub series, travel ideas, health and fitness, fun interviews and other tips and tools to remind you to live fully. Life is precious and our time limited.

It’s the little joys strung together that make a happy life. What matters to you?

How do you want to live?

Press pause and do more of those things. And doing nothing once in a while is okay too!

Thank you so much for tarrying with me!

xx Molly



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